Junior Competition

Junior competition is played on Saturday mornings, which is split into 2×2-hour sessions. Sections are allocated to a session, with play to be finished within the 2 hours. Each team plays 4 singles matches (a single 6-game set) and 2 doubles matches (also a 6-game set).

The highest section (Moss/Watson for boys, Loretta Thrupp for girls) play 2 singles matches (best of 3 sets) and a doubles match (best of 3 sets). This is played over the 2 morning sessions.

Any queries about junior competition should be directed to the Junior Co-ordinator, Anne Baldwin
She can be contacted via phone on 0411 155 707 or you can ring the club directly on 03 9783 8657

Junior teams for the 2017 Winter season can be viewed here.