Relocation Announcement & Images of the new Centre !




We, your General Committee, are now able to proudly present a few artist’s impressions of our new state-of-the art whiz bang super dooper new Home at the Frankston Regional Tennis Centre !!        (Check out the fantastic images below)

Additionally, Frankston City Council are producing an important document targeted at approaching both our State & Federal politicians and all other associated member groups.      It is now 95% ready to go !!      This document will be used when meeting with all the relevant State and Federal Members as well as all the Opposition Members to secure the required funding commitments for this exciting project.

To enable the FRANKSTON TENNIS CLUB  to  SECURE the required  FUNDING,   it is NOW IMPERATIVE  that YOU and  YOUR  FAMILIES & FRIENDS  LIKE  the FRANKSTON TENNIS CLUB on our FACEBOOK  Page.  (Link below)

If you have any queries in relation to any of the above, please contact our Chairman of the Relocation Sub-Committee, John McGillivray at or 0413 739 059.


General Committee


4 July 2018


Here are some of the architectural drawings of the new facility!